Angel Island with the construction team!

There is a small island in the middle of the bay. It is called Angel Island, and we took a camping adventure there to hang out as a construction team. We hiked up to the top of the mountain and had a full 360 degree view of the bay. We could see all three of the surrounding bridges, Mt. Tam, San Francisco, the entire East Bay, Sausalito, and all the other things you would expect. I highly recommend the journey.

Tim and I jogged around in the morning up and down the mountain doing a full circumnavigation. We then almost missed our ferry back, but it was worth it.


Mt. Tam

golden gate


full moon

bay bridge

Habitat year two!

It has been a while since I posted some photos from the day to day of Habitat. I spent August and the beginning of September traveling around and spending time doing non-construction related activities. But since Labor Day, I have been back in action building houses with Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley!

Muir Ridge has come a long way since the foundations we built last year. In the past two months, we have done roofing, and some siding. The rough inspections are done and we have drywall in almost all of the houses! Next up flooring and finish work!

Marisela on the roof!

look some siding!


Tim working on foundations

New houses and old houses!


NYC for Janine and Daniel!

At the end of September, Tim and I flew back East to New York City to celebrate Janine and Daniel’s wedding! It was our first time traveling to a city together for vacation – as you can imagine, we spend most of our time adventuring in the woods — and we enjoyed all the museums and sight seeing. While exploring the highline park, we found an art installation that was an interactive city scape made out of legos. That captured our attention for a while.

As for wedding activities, we did a cruise around the island with the wedding party on Saturday, but the highlight of the weekend was definitely the wedding ceremony and reception itself. It was at a beautiful boathouse in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. After the ceremony, a family of swans swam up to the edge of the pond and we got to watch the blood moon lunar eclipse! We finished of the evening with dinner and some dancing.


bridges everywhere!

statue of liberty



dressed up for the wedding

Giant Redwoods!

After Wyoming and Kansas and Nevada, we drove home just in time to meet my parents to go visit the Redwoods north of us in Humbolt County. We drove up and started at the Avenue of the Giants. The trees were so big it was difficult to imagine. Many of them were over 2,000 years old. The tallest ones were over 370 feet tall. One of my favorite parts of the forest was how peaceful and quiet everything was. The canopy started so high above us that you couldn’t really hear the wind. It was interesting to be around living things that are so old. I am used to old rocks, but old trees are pretty neat too.

We drove up north and hiked amongst the trees. We spent a couple of nights at the Lost Whale Inn in Trinidad. One morning, we decided to travel to the coast and check out the famous Fern Canyon and the beaches! Redwoods, mushrooms and more!

Driving home

After climbing in the Winds, we spent a week or so driving around the country. Our first stop was in Fort Collings, then we headed down to Kansas. We stayed with Tim’s family in Kansas for a few days. There we hung out on the farm and had some nice time to relax. After leaving we drove straight back to California. On the way we stopped and camped. On day in the middle of the drive we decided to go for a jog at the Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area. It was hot, but we figured we might get to see some cool rock art. The park itself was confusing, and in the end we found the rock art, which was a little underwhelming, but we still got to do a 5 mile jog and have a break from the monotony of driving. After that we blasted home to get ready for our next adventure.

Running in the sun


Deep Lake Climbing

After hanging out in the Winds, I met up with Tim in Lander, and we decided to go back into the Winds! It was great. We hiked in 7ish miles to Deep Lake where we were surrounded by some beautiful granite peaks. We climbed Steeple Peak and the Central Corner of Haystack. They were both really fun climbs and I hope that I get a chance to reclimb both of them!

While we were there you could see smoke coming in from the fires in Washington and Idaho. It was impressive how far away the fires were and how smoky it got.


Steeple Peak

at the top!

smoke from Washington

Back in the Winds!

After traveling to Yosemite months ago, I finished up a term of AmeriCorps and drove off to Wyoming. In Wyoming my first trip was into the Winds with a group called the Future Global Leaders. I worked with the group last year. We backpacked together for three weeks and got to see some beautiful sights!

burnt trees Sheep desert Silver Lake Chipmunks